WPCheat Review

By | December 4, 2013

WPCheat is a variety of 100′s of most widely used webdesign component codes specially styled to work in most WordPress themes or HTML sites – merely copy and paste the component to your WordPress editor, modify the text in visual view, attack preview & presto! The components are created to help anybody of any level of knowledge to create stunning looking pages with no HTMLexperience.

WPCheat Overview

  • Vendor: Matt Garrett
  • Product: WPCheat
  • Launch Date: 2013-12-11
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27-$47


Unique Selling Points

1. Just Copy & Paste – No Understanding Curve.
2. May Use in HTML Sites – because these are HTML cheats they work effectively in HTML pages too +


WP Cheat – Why should need it?

There’s a good reason that the pros use icons in almost all top commercial websites – our attention spans are limited. All major e-commerce webstudies done by Econsultancy, Hitwise & Comscore concur that we are eager when it comes to websites – if we don’t see what we should need right away then we go in other places – some studies say that we have lower than 5 seconds to get the visitot’s attention else it’s the back button!

Web-site designers cleverly use relevant web icons to attract focus to the text & to theme a web site to the topic covered hence decreasing bounce rates. Many of us don’t have the programming knowledge, the time or the graphic resources to drag this off without throwing away a lot of time & cash in the process….. Until Now!

To address this we’ve selected 580 of the most popular icons/mini GFX on the market & provided these in 127 different colour/style combinations – this almost guarantees that customers should be able to find suitable icons & match the icon style to almost any website/theme.

This is a special offer for your consumers only & WPCheat Review has never been launched before & won’t be for sale as a standalone product to public. In a nutshell it’s reward for your customers as a thanks for getting.
Most of the key icon resale sites sell icons for as much as $1 per icon – with our deal your customers can get the equivalent of 3500 professional icons for $1 (we got a bit caught up when delivering value on this! )- in fact 73,000+ icons for less than $20 – it’s a smart choice.

WP Cheat Benefits:

  • If like Matt Garrett you find it difficult to create nice looking WordPress content quickly then you’ll definitely will like to look at this product.
  • Matt Garrett is a pro blogger & run over 200 WordPress sites him self so I’ve reached understand WordPress a bit over the years. Whilst a lot of things have improved through the years the one thing that’s continued to be poor is the page/post editor! If you wish to create something neat, visually appealing that actually engages your customer then you have to go to university!
  • Over the years Matt Garrett collected a load of cheats from developers & other bloggers that permitted him to create bespoke content fast & He has collated these into a creation that everyone should take. So whether you’re a WordPress beginner or a experienced pro you’ll find something here that can make content creation a lot easier.

The Last,  WPCheat comes fully guaranteed. 100% risk free! If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, you get your money-back- no reasons, no questions asked. What perhaps you have got to lose?

WPCheat Review

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